10 fun ideas for presents

10 idées (plus ou moins) insolites de cadeau

The holiday season is over, but the pain of gift-giving is still there! Birthday, Valentine's Day, passing desire... We suggest 10 simple and unusual gifts to come and brighten your daily life and the one of your loved ones.🌴

1 - A pair of underwear

No, you weren't dreaming, we're indeed offering you some cool and comfortable underwear. Our friends from le Slip Français have managed to make this forgotten lingerie fashionable. For everyone, you have designs and shapes aplenty. And moreover, it is made in France! A must-have for our team. 

Credits: leslipfrançais.fr

2 - A portable coffee machine

Another insomnia? A frantic race to get home before curfew? We just found the thing to save you. The Minispresso from Wacao is THE new minimalist coffee machine you need. The size of a thermos, you put your ground coffee in it and slip it into your bag. It will come out of the slumber in seconds!


Credits: wacao.com

3 - A polaroid

We're back to the classics: yes, everyone bought the latest iPhone, yes, your mom handles her four-lens camera like a pro. But what about your buddy who just wants to hang a picture of the whole gang on their fridge? Fuji Instax or original Polaroid, we like the idea of capturing the moment immediately and making it a souvenir that you can always carry with you (by slipping it into your Cardiem cardholder, for example)!

Credits: fnac.com

4 - A shower speaker


At Cardiem, we're more Beyoncé than Rihanna, but we won't blame her if your best friend sings Umbrella every morning in the shower. What's more, you can now put it on in a karaoke version, thanks to these speakers that you attach with a suction cup to the shower door. We're waiting for your next covers!"

Credits: natureanddecoveries.com

5 - A recyclable lunch bag

Restaurants are closed, canteens are becoming closed... To avoid the dressing that drips on your computer or papers, we tested the new fiber lunch bags with magnetic closure: light, practical, ethical. We could not but recommend it to you!


Credits: fnac.com

6 - A customized wine box

To receive a box each month with two bottles of wine selected based on your culinary tastes? It's now possible, especially thanks to websites like Le Petit Ballon, which sends you monthly bottles, tips, and more. We tested it, and we love it!

Credits: lepetitballon.com

7 - A hot water bottle

Okay, maybe we're rambling about complaining about winter (again). But frankly, who enjoys crawling into bed with frozen feet knowing you have to get back up in four hours? Plus, we've found some sweet, fun AND made in France from our friends at Dream Act!

Credits: dreamact.eu

8 - Slippers

The holidays may be over, but that doesn't stop winter from still being here. What could be better than slipping into soft, warm slippers after a hard day's work? We've fallen for the products available on Dream Act again, and especially for their furry booties made entirely in France. We have no doubt you'll find your own favorite model!

Credits: dreamact.eu

9 - A plaid

To keep on with the winter theme, why not additionally snuggle up in a blanket (to match the slippers) and stay in bed during the cold February weekends? With long pile, fleece or knit...we fell for the mermaid plaid from La Chaise Longue, perfect for falling asleep on the couch after a raclette. 

Credits: lachaiselongue.com

10 - A portable cocktail bar

More gin and tonic than espresso? While we wait for the bars to reopen, we thought of you by discovering these mini folding bartender kits, which allow you to always have cutting board, pestle, ice tray, zester and knife at hand. We're waiting to discover your best recipes!

Credits: cadeauxfolies.fr