Cardiem gets involved

Cardiem s'engage


Our raison d’être

We grew up learning that some things were important, others superficial. We grew up considering some concerns to be paramount, others negligible. Yet when we are faced with an obstacle, a problem, no matter how ridiculous or insignificant, we always have the same reaction: pissed off! 

Our mission is to scrub away the little annoyances from your days. We want to simplify our lives. To worry only about what matters.


Cardiem, how does it work?

We believe that entrepreneurship is above all an adventure. We want Cardiem to be a committed one, with a deep respect for its environment. Cardiem is based on 3 complementary pillars: transparency in the production process, local manufacturing and the fight against overproduction. By working in a short circuit, we know exactly where, how and under what conditions our cardholders are manufactured. To respect these commitments, we decided to create a product that would be entirely made in France, as close as possible to our homes.

When we say "made in France", it means that everything, from fabric dyeing to distribution, leather cutting, sewing, assembly and finishing, is done in France, by our workshops. Only some raw materials (fabric, suction cup) are imported from the Netherlands and Denmark.


If you are or know craftspeople of leather goods, dressmakers, artists who would be likely to be interested in our project, if you have just discovered THE new locally made raw material in which you would dream of having a cardiem, do not hesitate to contact us!