What makes you all special

Ce qui vous rend uniques

We often say that a good accessory is above all an object that reveals the personality of its owner. It must be practical too of course, but precisely, even its function is a clue that says a lot about the priorities of its wearer.
Working with you this year, we discovered through Cardiem an incredible audience, dynamic, creative, with a thirst for discovery and adventure.

It is with you in mind that we design our accessories. It's to facilitate your exploration, your adventures, and to offer you items that are like you and that you can be proud of: something unique. And during such a complex, arduous year, it's been a joy to be able to design objects that have been able to please so many people, all in simplicity.

Maybe, like us, you can't wait for the year to end, so you can move on, embark on new adventures, and start - finally! - new projects. Maybe you want to forget the year that just passed. But before we say goodbye for a few days, we want to say thank you, thank you for allowing Cardiem's survival, which was far from being won this year. Your visits, your calls, your contributions and your little words have made us want to do even more crazy things. So we're hoping to come up with some fun and vibrant ideas, to keep creating products that are just like you: capsule collections with artists, ultra-customized cardholders, new designs and new events... Be prepared!"


Till then, we wish you a very happy holiday season - as much as possible!

Déborah, Noémie and Thiény.