Stuck (again) home - or when you lose your wallet and keys for the 100th time

J’ai encore perdu mon portefeuille … ou comment sortir de chez soi devient un enfer

We have all known this situation: finally ready to go to work, meet some friends or even do some sport, we are stuck in front of our apartment door, wondering "did I take my keys? Do I have my wallet? Didn't I forget my bus card? Sometimes, you are lucky, everything is in order and you can go out one second later. Some other times, you end up spending hours looking for your stuff and of course, arrive 1 hour late to THIS important meeting you couldn't miss. We found some tricks to help you avoid (as much as possible) this situation.


Let's bet on your look

With some colorful wallet, golden keychain or jewels on your bag, there are chances you won't miss them in the mess of your room.


Some alternative accessories

Having your bag breaking in the subway or waiting hours to find your credit cards, it has never been nice for anyone. Many accessories exist to end those struggles. We love the banana bag, the most hipster detail possible that allows you to dance free until the sunrise. Also, go check the Xouxou neckless to keep your phone always close to you (but careful to neck pain the next day!)


Connected until you die

Maybe you heard about some connected keychains and apps to never lose time again looking for your stuff. Some are made for finding your wallet. Apps like SmartWallit or WalletTracker make it ring and localise it in any situation. How does it work?You slip a neutral card in your wallet, which is connected to an app you downloaded on your phone. Even easier... store all the cards you can in a digital wallet or e-wallet.


Everything within reach

Of course, this is our favorite solution. With a wallet behind your phone, no need for a banana bag, no struggle when you don't have battery anymore. No need to choose between craft and technology. You just have to think about one and only one thing: your phone. Almost a chance that it is always in your hand!