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Because you now know our website by heart, we suggest you discover the other platforms we work with. Specialized in ethical fashion, pros of ethical gift cards, valuing crafts... Here are five online sales platforms that trusted us in 2020 and with whom we have the pleasure of working today. 

Dream Act offers individuals and companies products for which every step of the manufacturing process meets ethical commitments. By valuing responsible consumption and local economy, Dream Act establishes partnerships with brands that are pioneers in the use of alternative ecological materials and in short circuit manufacturing. This was the very first platform we worked with, and our story together is far from over!

Ma Boutique Française is the ambassador for creative companies that proudly claim local manufacturing. You'll find products from emerging and established brands committed to the strict social and ecological criteria published by the platform. 

Etsy is an online retail platform that offers unique, handcrafted products for people around the world. Creators, designers, young entrepreneurs: you can find everyone who is passionate about crafts, fashion, leather goods ... and therefore Cardiem

Frach is the first marketplace that offers only 100% Made in France products. Their goal? Valuing the quality of French craft and manufacturing in short circuit. I can tell you that we got along well right away! You can visit their super accessible platform, searching for your next favorite by product style, or even by manufacturing region. 

A gift card that lets you discover stores that make all their products in France? That's the bet of La Carte Française, which sells gift cards with which you go shopping in stores where at least 70% of the items are made locally. Food, games, clothes, Cardiem cardholders... You choose what you like with your gift card!