Let's travel light !

Voyagez léger.e.s!

Let's stop the struggle of carrying a huge backpack and five suitcases, let's stop looking hours for THE shirt you thought you had taken with you. Here are our ten advices to travel light.

1. Take a (small) backpack

Just think about when you'll have to walk from the station to your camp site. I can assure you, for 15 days, no need for more than a 40 liters bag.

2. Take down the cosmetics

A two-in-one shampoo/soap bottle, a microfiber towel... and you have already made lots of space.

3. The pareo

As a towel, a cap, a fashion accessory... it will be your summer best friend. 4. Merinos wool

Soft, thermoregulatory, preventing bad smell... You can find any piece of clothes in this crazy material.

5. By on site

What's best than boosting the local economy and buying some nice souvenirs to your friends?

6. Books

We all love to read on the beach, we really do. But don't pretend you will finish this 2500 pages biography. Why not taking a kindle instead?

7. The compression bag

Yes, it's kinda like cheating. But if you really cannot say goodbye to this fourth pullie, that's your solution.

8. Piles

One for what's essential, one for what's useful, one for what's cool.

9. THE list

Let's make a list of what you carried last time you went on vacation, and what you really used. 

10. Cardiem is always with you

You can travel with everything within reach. Just take your phone, and let's go !