About Us


What's our mission? Putting an end to some of your daily struggles. In a world where…everything moves, at 5G speed. You've got 0 time to struggle. And let's face it, the struggle is real.

If you're sick of rummaging around in your bag for what seems like hours on end…

If you find yourself spending as much time looking for the right card, the ticket, or other little thingy you need, as you do trying to match your socks in the morning…

Cardiem is here to fight your battle. No longer will you struggle with these endless daily annoyances.


Costa Rica - Playa Pogeres - March 26th, 2018 - 18h30

It's the end of midterm season. Seven exchange students spending their year in California embark on a road trip to Costa Rica for a week of fun, sea and sand. These same seven friends find themselves stripped of their wallets, driver's licenses, cash, credit cards, and health insurance cards after getting distracted and leaving everything - but their phones - in their car, broken into and totally ransacked on the side of the road. There they are, with literally nothing left but the car and their iPhones on a sunset-tinted Pacific beach.

We're Deborah and Noemie, two of these car-stripping clowns, two friends-turned-entrepreneuses after surviving this incident. As soon as we got back to France, we decided to create a new kind of wallet. A minimalist, lighweight kind, that will force the old-fashioned wallet market to dive into the 21st century, that will cater to a generation of instant everything.

Cardiem, seize the day.

Deb is the inventor, the visionary. She's got enough imagination and spunk to launch ten companies at once, and could easily convince you to invest in all of them without even blinking an eye. She's our strategy pro, but she's also that all-around well-loved scout leader, that cool camp counselor, who's always ready to plunge everyone in some crazy team-building activity to get spirits up. Always there to help her friends (and/or devour a bowl of ramen), she co-created Cardiem and the incredible family surrounding it.

No is the warrior, a serious Class A perfectionist. She can literally do anything. Give her Kodaly's sonata to burn up on her cello, Fibonacci's sequence to calculate to infinity, a startup to raise up from the depths of the Costa Rican Pacific...she'll do it, and with tact. Sleeping is pretty much overrated for her. In addition to being a monumental entrepreneur, she never loses her attention to detail - every i must have its dot. No mistake, no matter how small, gets past her: she's a tireless workhorse, boosting the team with zero pretension and full realness.