Cardiem, it's simple. To stick the cardiem on your phone, remove the transparent film covering the adhesive on the back of the wallet. Then, stick firmly the cardiem on your phone wherever you want. And that's done!

Our products in leather are 6.4 cm wide: they are compatible with most of the Android and Apple smartphones.

Our products in fabric are a little bit wider (6.5 cm) and are also compatible with most of Android smartphones and iPhones 6 or more. However, they can also be used on smaller phones with a phonecase.

If the cardiem does not fit, you can always send it back within 14 days.

Our cardiems can store 1 to 4 cards.


  • The reusable cardiems

The reusable cardiems have a specific micro-suction tape. You can remove and put your cardiem on your phone as many times as you want, without leaving any traces.

  • The adhesive cardiems

The adhesive cardiems have a extra-strong adhesive system equivalent to 3M. They are made for a long use; you can remove them from the phone, but they are not intended to be reused after. 

  • The leather cardiems: you can clean them with a tissue, some soapy water or hydro-alcoholic liquid. If you want to tighten the leather after months of use, you can apply some leather polish (like with shoes for instance), or heat it cautiously with a hairdryer. 
  • The fabric cardiems: they can also be cleaned with soapy water or hand wash.

Be careful: neither the micro-suction tape nor the adhesive can be washed.

Is it risky to have a cardiem?

Our products "Intemporels" are tailor-made to be perfectly adjusted to the size of your cards, safely maintaining them.

Our models PoP and Original are doubled with a specific non-slip fabric, and their small notch prevent your cards from falling.

Don't forget that the leather and the fabric can loosen up a bit over time. We advise you to always put the same number of cards in the cardiem to avoid this kind of issue.

We have been tested our products to be sure the materials we use protect your cards against demagnetisation. You can store your credit card, transportation card...without risks. 

We share this same concern with you and have been wondering a lot about it. Unfortunately, every personal item can be lost or stolen. To lose a handbag containing your phone, wallet... will lead to the same situation. However, we noticed two very important things

- we ran a  study showing how centralizing your cards on the back of your phone would diminish the risk to lose them by 52%: when we have only one item to carry, we are more careful about it.

- we are so always with our phones that we take care of them (almost) more than anything else.

Payment and Shipping

You can pay with the mainstream electronic payment tools: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay. 

We never have access nor do we store your bank account information. The transactions are fully assumed by the Stripe, a safe payment tool.

We are doing our best to ship your order as soon as possible. 

For an order towards Metropolitan France, it is about 3 business days when you get the order confirmation. 

When we ship abroad, the average delay is 7 business days.

You will get an email with a tracking number as soons as your order is shipped. 

We deliver our cardiems basically everywhere in the world! Only the shipping fees and delays can vary:

  • 0 € for Metropolitan France
  • 4 € abroad


  • Refund: you can send us back a product within the 14 days following its delivery. You will have only to pay the return shipping fees (amount for a tracked letter). We will proceed to the refund through the bank account used for the order as soon as we received the returned product.
  • Exchange: similarly, you can exchange a product within the 14 days following its delivery. You will have to pay only the return shipping fees (amount for a tracked letter). 
  • If there is no price difference between both products, we will ship the new one without any fees as soon as we received the product to exchange.
  • If there is a price difference between the two products: we will refund you the initial order after receiving the product to exchange. Then, you will be able to order a new one. 
  • For any return or exchange request, please contact us by e-mail: bonjour@cardiemparis.com.

Using our website

Yes! We are always eager to have your opinion and suggestions on our work. You can contact us through our online chat. by e-mail: bonjour@cardiemparis.com or by phone: 06 05 06 06 07.

When you use our website, we may collect some data about our users.  

We are compliant with the EU GDPR regulations. Especially, we use your data only to achieve the means we told you, and will not sell them to third entities. 

For more infromation, you can check our Data Policy or contact us directly.

Your experience

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