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Costa Rica

Playa Pogeres

March 17th, 2018 - 6:30 pm

End of exams. Seven exchange students in California embark on a road trip to Costa Rica for a week of vacation. Seven distracted friends get their wallets, driving licenses, money and credit cards stolen. There they are, with literally nothing left but their phones and a car, on a sunset-tinted Pacific beach. We are Deborah and Noemie, two of these seven absent-minded adventurers, two friends who have become entrepreneurs at the turn of this tragedy. When we got back to France, we decided to create a new type of wallet, a minimalist lightweight kind that will force the old-fashioned wallet market to dive into the 21st century, that will cater to a generation of instant everything... Cardiem.


In a world where...Everything moves, at 5G speed. You've got 0 time to struggle. And let's face it, the struggle is real. If you're sick of rummaging around in your bag for what seems like hours on end, if you find yourself spending as much time looking for the right card or ticket you need, as you do trying to match your socks on the morning, Cardiem is here to fight your battle. No longer will you struggle with these endless daily annoyances. Let's be FREE in our minds, in our actions, in our moves.


Our Mission

During ages, the wallet solved an everyday issue: to safely store, at anytime, our personal items.

Cardiem is a solution tailored to the way of life of our generation. Our cardiems are minimalistic wallets, stuck on the back of your phone, giving instant access to your cards, tickets, money...
Cardiem is for all of us. For all of us who want to be lighter, freer. Our mission is to end your daily struggles. With our terribly busy schedules, we don't have the time to lose energy looking for a card in a subway station or in the supermarket. Let's make our lives easier.
Let's focus on what really matters.