Fabric Cardholder
Fabric Cardholder
Fabric Cardholder
porte-cartes Cardiem
Fabric Cardholder
Porte-cartes Cardiem
Fabric Cardholder
Fabric Cardholder
Fabric Cardholder
Fabric Cardholder
Porte-cartes Cardiem

Fabric Cardholder

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Matériaux ultra fins

Centralisation sécurisée


💃  Be yourself and embrace it with an accessory matching your style.

This textile phone cardholder is made in France near Paris 🇫🇷 .

It is made in wax fabric (thick cotton canvas), is water resistant and soft to touch. Each product, cut in a special part of the fabric, is unique. 

The cardholder is compatible with all smartphones thanks to its super strong adhesive. 

Your fabric phone cardhodler is covered by a lifetime warranty🌴.

  • Indicative size: 6,8 cm x 9,2 cm 

  • Materials: 100% cotton fabric
  • Adhesive 3M-equivalent - Can be stuck on all surfaces
  • Can hold 1 to 4 cards

  • Safe against demagnetisation

  • Compatible with all smartphones and phone cases

  • Payment available by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay

  • Free shipping to Metropolitan France - 4 € for international shipping

    • Delivered within 5 business days

    They are using Cardiem !

    Thank you for your responsiveness and the care given to my order, I really appreciated it.

    Paule D. - 12/02/2021 - Black Leather

    Fast shipping, innovative high-quality product, it was a great gift!

    Cécile P. - 16/12/2020 - Black Leather

    Without my cardiem I would always be late to school! But now I take my phone and there is my bus card in it! And when I go shopping I don't need to look for my customer card everywhere in my bag, it's in my cardiem!!

    Hannah B. - 01/09/2020 - Capricious

    Very satisfied of the cardholder. The pattern is unique, the fabric is of high quality.

    Estelle L. - 23/08/2020 - Bold

    Great product! Great quality and fast shipping. I 100% recommend it!

    Fatimata K. - 08/07/2020 - Zen

    I bought the fabric cardholder to my little brother and he uses it everyday, he is super happy.

    Olivier Y. - 06/05/2020 - Fearless

    My boyfriend offered it to me for my birthday, during the quarantine, and I received it last week. I was super happy to get the cardholder with the special note! I would have loved to have colored leather but the strip brings some color to the product.

    Mathilde L. - 23/04/2020 - Customized

    A very nice surprise! I wasn't expecting that it would make my life that easier and that it would be that nice to use. It is super natural! Well done!

    Pavel A. - 21/04/2020 - Red Leather

    I use my Cardiem wallet everyday. My daughters have one as well, they never lose their school card or bus pass anymore! 😊

    Esther P. - 1/12/2019 - Visionary